Vedic Hemp works to enable the mainstream adoption of a cannabis lifestyle. Join us to be an integral part of the cannabis revolution in the world.

Our team is united by a common vision to utilise the power of a single plant (cannabis) to nurture a world with Healthier People, Healthier Planet, and Healthier Technology.

Begin an exciting adventure in the hemp sector by joining our team at Vedic Hemp All Products. We are looking for exceptional people who value quality and sustainability. Investigate our employment options and join us to change the world.

We are constantly seeking out individuals who possess the courage to stand out and embrace risks. We value those who dare to explore, venture into uncharted territories, step outside their comfort zones, and have an unwavering commitment to learning.

Enduring Professions

Take your career to new heights and be part of our mission to improve the lives of billions in India and beyond. Join us in the mountains for a transformative journey of revitalization and impact

Knowledge Seekers

Enhance your skills and bolster your CV. Our inclusive internship programs provide students with a solid foundation for their professional path. Kickstart your journey with us today

Project-Based Collaborations

Without constraints, release your original ideas! Join forces with us to bring your autonomous idea to life. And come see us in the beautiful highlands when you have some free time.


Don’t See a Role You Fit In?

We are constantly growing. If you don’t see a profile of your liking but still have something to contribute, we would love to hear from you. Send us your CV along with your amazing ideas at and we will get talking.

You Are Involved ( You are Included )

Vedic Hemp fosters a culture of inclusivity where hierarchy dissolves. From the CEO to interns, everyone is accessible and eager to exchange information, knowledge, and ideas. We prioritize radical transparency in every aspect of our operations.

You are in control ( You are In Charge )

At Vedic Hemp, we have faith in the potential of motivated and ambitious individuals to accomplish remarkable work. We empower you to take ownership of your projects, providing the freedom to shape, experiment, and execute in your own unique style. As long as the objectives are achieved, you have the flexibility to chart your own course to success.

Your existence is real. ( You Have a Life )

At Vedic Hemp, we prioritize the well-being of our team members. Here, you can unwind, forge strong connections, and explore shared passions with your colleagues. Engage in meaningful discussions about the ideas that ignite your enthusiasm and collaborate to create projects that hold personal significance. We respect the importance of your personal life and actively encourage a healthy work-life balance.

You Are Always Welcome ( You Always Belong )

At Vedic Hemp, we are deeply committed to the power of diversity in shaping our company's excellence. We highly value the richness of ideas, perspectives, and opinions that you bring to the table. We strive to create an inclusive environment where you are not only heard and respected but also celebrated for your unique contributions. Our dedication to fostering diversity is a cornerstone of our organization, ensuring that you always feel embraced and valued as an integral part of our team. Together, we create a vibrant and harmonious workplace where diverse voices thrive, fueling innovation and driving our collective success.

What sets VedicHemp apart as an exceptional workplace?

Our mission at Vedic Hemp is to enable billions of people and more to adopt a healthy cannabis lifestyle. We are establishing an environment where outstanding people may flourish and produce their best work. You’ll frequently hear our team members discuss the following experiences while talking to them about working at Vedic Hemp.

Unlock the Power of Cannabis with Vedic Hemp: Inspiring Wellness, Empowering Lives

Experience a groundbreaking journey with Vedic Hemp, where the convergence of cannabis and visionary minds ushers in a new era of possibilities. Prepare to be captivated by our mission: to unlock the extraordinary potential of cannabis and redefine the landscape of wellness, health, and innovation.

Discover Limitless Opportunities

At Vedic Hemp, we envision a world where the healing powers of cannabis transcend boundaries, uplifting humanity and rejuvenating our planet. Join our diverse community of forward-thinkers, pioneers, and environmental advocates as we shape a harmonious existence rooted in wellness, sustainability, and transformative experiences.

Be the Catalyst for Change

We call upon those who possess an unwavering passion for excellence, sustainability, and global impact. Join forces with Vedic Hemp and become a catalyst propelling the cannabis revolution forward. Together, we will drive positive change and revolutionize the way society perceives and utilizes cannabis.

Embrace the Uncharted, Embody Fearlessness

Within Vedic Hemp, we celebrate those who fearlessly challenge conventions, explore uncharted territories, and embrace calculated risks. Our sanctuary of growth and innovation empowers you to unleash your creativity, shape your own destiny, and leave a lasting impact that defies mediocrity.

Unlock New Horizons

For those seeking full-time roles, Pune, Maharashtra awaits as the launchpad for your aspirations. Embark on an odyssey of self-renewal and influence, catalyzing transformative change that reaches millions across India and beyond. Students and interns, our immersive programs offer a solid foundation for your professional journey. Freelancers, collaborate with us to manifest your autonomous visions. And when time allows, find inspiration amidst our idyllic surroundings that foster creativity and refreshment.

A Symphony of Inclusivity

Vedic Hemp resonates with a symphony of inclusivity, where diverse voices harmoniously converge, transcending hierarchies. From the visionary leadership to interns, we cultivate an environment of radical transparency, encouraging the free flow of knowledge, ideas, and perspectives. Each individual is valued as an essential contributor, weaving together the symphony of innovation.

Balance is Paramount

At Vedic Hemp, we recognize the importance of work-life equilibrium and overall well-being. Forge connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion, engage in meaningful conversations, and collaborate on projects that ignite your creativity. We foster a culture that respects your personal life and nurtures your professional growth, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling experience.

A Home for Extraordinary Minds

Vedic Hemp thrives on diversity, appreciating the multitude of ideas, perspectives, and opinions brought to the table. Embrace your unique brilliance, as you play a vital role in our vibrant tapestry. Together, we create a sanctuary where exceptional minds converge, igniting innovation and achieving collective success.

Step into the Vedic Hemp Journey

Immerse yourself in the essence of Vedic Hemp, an organization that pioneers the future of cannabis-infused wellness. In Pune, Maharashtra, witness the unfolding of our unconventional workspaces, where creativity flourishes and transformative ideas take flight. Join us in our pursuit of excellence and become part of a journey that transcends the ordinary.

Unleash the Spirit of Positivity

At Vedic Hemp, we foster a culture of positivity and celebration. Engage in spirited team activities, relish in moments of laughter, and embrace the joy of collective achievements. Let the spirit of optimism and enthusiasm fuel your drive to make a positive impact.

Together, we will redefine the possibilities of cannabis and shape a future where wellness, health, and innovation coexist harmoniously. Join Vedic Hemp and be at the forefront of the cannabis revolution.